Vitavox HifiWe are proud of the fact that many Vitavox loudspeaker components have remained fundamentally unchanged for many decades. They have not been improved upon as the years have passed, simply because they could not be. The enduring quality of their design is borne out by their presence in some of the world's finest commercial and user built audiophile systems.

The preservation and propagation of the audio signal is critical to flawless performance. Vitavox type VX-4 binding posts ensure secure and undiminished signal transfer. In simple terms, they comprise a high conductivity, precision machined core with a durable and high conductivity protective coating.

The range includes the VX-4C, which utilises tellurium copper.

The choice of copper, with its excellent electrical characteristics, would seem a logical one, but it brings with it significant problems. In its purest form it is relatively soft, a property at odds with the need for precision machining, and its surface readily oxidises upon exposure to the air, forming an unsightly layer which is considerably less electrically efficient.

Whilst maintaining the high conductivity of the pure material, the addition of tiny amounts of the rare element Tellurium to the copper vastly improves its machining characteristics, making complex geometries possible. Once machined the core elements of the VX-4C are direct plated with a thick, protective layer of 24ct gold.

In addition to accepting all standard 4mm banana plugs and 6mm and 8mm spade connectors the posts also includes a cross drilled trap for bare wire of up to 4mm diameter (12.5 sq. mm). The fine thread and broad lock nut ensure high tightening torque and long term secure fastening.


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