Vitavox HifiWe are proud of the fact that many Vitavox loudspeaker components have remained fundamentally unchanged for many decades. They have not been improved upon as the years have passed, simply because they could not be. The enduring quality of their design is borne out by their presence in some of the world's finest commercial and user built audiophile systems.

The R300W is a new version of the classic Vitavox CN157.

It is a non resonant radial horn, with three specially profiled vanes towards the throat to disperse high frequencies. It was designed for use with Vitavox S2 drivers, optimised such that it gives the correct expansion from the diaphragm all the way to the horn mouth. You will note that the same expansion characteristics are found when these horns are used with other Vitavox 1.5" drivers, and that adaptors are available to enable them to be used with other manufacturer’s pressure drivers with smaller throats.

The exponential development geometry of the R300W is machined from solid Beech plywood, a material which combines density, stiffness and stability with ideal resonant behaviour. The dispersive vanes are cast in metalised resin and finished to very tight tolerances, ensuring the smooth progression of the wavefront. The entire assembly is spray finished in tough polyurethane lacquer and hand rubbed to a deep shine. The beautiful lines of the exponential geometry, coupled with the deep lustre of the exposed end-grain laminations, mean that it can provide both the visual and acoustic heart of the loudspeaker. All mounting accessories are available in solid bronze.

If our standard horn is not right for you, we offer the R300WX. This provides the same proven internal expansion geometry but in a form that can be tailored to suit a variety of differing material and mounting requirements. A high mass variant is used in our own CN-191 cabinet loudspeaker.

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