Vitavox HifiWe are proud of the fact that many Vitavox loudspeaker components have remained fundamentally unchanged for many decades. They have not been improved upon as the years have passed, simply because they could not be. The enduring quality of their design is borne out by their presence in some of the world's finest commercial and user built audiophile systems.

Available direct from the factory, these classic bass horn enclosures are designed to supplement the Vitavox range of drive units and dispersive horns. Realising the full potential of the stunning AK15 series 15" bass drivers, they offer an economical option to customers seeking to assemble a 'state of the art' multi-way horn system.

Featuring Vitavox's legendary build quality throughout, in their basic form they are supplied in unfinished birch plywood, and without grille panels. This allows the customer considerable flexibility if wishing to finish the units themselves.

Alternative factory finishes, and hardwood enclosure construction are available at additional cost.

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