Vitavox HifiWe are proud of the fact that many Vitavox loudspeaker components have remained fundamentally unchanged for many decades. They have not been improved upon as the years have passed, simply because they could not be. The enduring quality of their design is borne out by their presence in some of the world's finest commercial and user built audiophile systems.

The word "classic" is commonly used to describe hi-fi components, but too often applied to products which have nothing to commend them but their vintage. The Vitavox CN-191 on the other hand is, by any measure, truly worthy of the term.

For a loudspeaker first introduced more than half a century ago to compete with any of today's state of the art systems would be extraordinary; for it to outperform them - quite astonishing.

The bass cabinet is an ingeniously conceived folded horn, designed to be sited in the corner of a room where the walls and floor serve to greatly extend the effective size of the horn mouth, and thus bass performance. Loaded with our 15 bass driver, designed specifically for acoustic duties such as these, it has no difficulties in reproducing frequencies as low as 30Hz.

Hidden behind the bronze grille of the top cover, the famous S2 pressure unit handles the mid and upper frequencies. Connected to a special variant of the R300W exponential dispersive horn with its high mass, non resonant construction it offers a smooth and super-detailed response up to 16kHz.

"...but it looks like something from the 1940s!"

It does. It's beautiful. Originally styled in 1948 by F.C. Ashford the CN-191 has been subject to a couple of styling revisions in the course of its long production life. We have unashamedly returned to the original design. Constructed from the finest Scandinavian birch plywood, and finished with selected fine walnut veneers, matching hardwood and gilded details, the cabinets are produced to order here in our own workshops to the highest possible standards, using a mix of the finest traditional and modern techniques.


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