Vitavox Hifi Hi-fi loudspeaker components are the focus of this website, but the finest acoustic products in other equally demanding market sectors also carry the Vitavox brand. So what’s in a name?

However it may have begun, perhaps with man’s duplication of the rhythms of nature, or simply through the call of the human voice, the origins of music stretch back long into our prehistory. For thousands upon thousands of years, music as entertainment developed, and until the relatively recent years of the last century all music shared a single unifying quality: it was LIVE.

With the coming of recording and replay technology, music became a conveniently transportable medium, but all too often at the expense of the emotional engagement that comes with the live event. It is our emotional response to it that defines the very essence of music. Different in all of us, and often profound, it defies explanation, though we all know when it is absent or diminished. Intangible though the reasons might be, we can all sense that the immediacy of a performance, the sense of "being there", heightens our emotional response to it.

This then, is why we do what we do. We are dedicated to building the highest fidelity loudspeakers which bring all the nuance and emotion of live performance to the listener. Through doing this we enjoy all that music, and only music, can offer us.

Translated literally from the latin, "Vita Vox" means "Live Voice". We think this perfectly sums up what we’re all about.

Since craftsmen since 1931