Vitavox Hifi Hi-fi loudspeaker components are the focus of this website, but the finest acoustic products in other equally demanding market sectors also carry the Vitavox brand. So what’s in a name?

Since the company was first established in 1931, the Vitavox approach to product development and manufacture has been underpinned by the same core philosophy:- excellence and attention to detail in both design and engineering.

It is no surprise that Vitavox products from many years ago are still in operation all over the world. Put simply, they were built to last. Elegantly simple design coupled with a no compromise approach to materials specification and build quality means the perfect integration of high quality performance and longevity.

The term "battleship build" is often used, but in no case can it be more appropriate than here, as for decades the Vitavox name has been synonomous with acoustic products found in the harshest and most demanding of all environments: on the battlefield. The extreme requirements of this marketplace have informed and reinforced the company philosophy down the years and continue to do so, as Vitavox Sound maintain their position as a leading supplier of acoustic products to armed forces around the globe.

Of course there have been technological advances over the years, such as the advent of computer number control and a growth in the understanding of materials, and these have inevitably had an impact, but that impact is surprisingly small. The truth is that Vitavox hi-fi products today are built using largely the same technology and processes that have always been in place. The same tools that pressed the pressure unit diaphragms and wound the bass driver coils, the same patterns from which the chassis components are cast, the same assembly jigs to ensure precision fit of both pressure and cone drivers: all are still in use today just as they were in the 1950s and 60s.

We make no apologies for this; quite the reverse in fact. We feel that to maintain such strong links with the past constitutes the best way of ensuring that the intrinsic qualities that have always made a Vitavox product special remain so for years to come.

Since craftsmen since 1931