Vitavox Hifi Hi-fi loudspeaker components are the focus of this website, but the finest acoustic products in other equally demanding market sectors also carry the Vitavox brand. So what’s in a name?

My brother David and I started working for Vitavox in the early ‘sixties, 30 years after our father, Leonard (Len) Young, founded the company in 1931. We came in when the products that are now being re-introduced were well established.

After the Second World War Vitavox saw the opportunities in the newly-blossoming Audio and Hi-Fi Industries and, apart from being one of the founder members of the Audio Fair, they produced ‘state-of-the-art’ products to meet their highest aspirations. These were shown at the Festival of Britain in 1951. There was a firm belief in optimising the efficiency of every component and minimising waste.

Octave Audio have returned to these Vitavox engineering concepts of 60 years ago, which are as relevant now as they were then. As one of the founder’s three sons, I wish this classic product range the success it, undoubtedly, deserves.

Neil Young

Foreword by Mike Harvey
Foreword by David Young

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