Vitavox Hifi Hi-fi loudspeaker components are the focus of this website, but the finest acoustic products in other equally demanding market sectors also carry the Vitavox brand. So what’s in a name?

It was a great relief for us when Octave Audio took on the specialist audio products. Both Neil and I had developed a great respect for Mike Harvey and felt confident that the ethos of Vitavox would be in safe hands.

In our time we were forward looking - using computers in the company as early as 1969 - but we never lost sight with the goals of technical excellence established in the past. Control of the manufacturing process is paramount in producing a quality product, and this is something that Octave understood from the start.

And there is something extra... a passion for high quality - both in the product and how it is designed, manufactured and marketed; an understanding that if you do things right, the outcome is assured.

David Young

Foreword by Mike Harvey
Foreword by Neil Young

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