Vitavox Hifi Hi-fi loudspeaker components are the focus of this website, but the finest acoustic products in other equally demanding market sectors also carry the Vitavox brand. So what’s in a name?

The story of Vitavox loudspeakers, as you would expect of one which stretches back to the very birth of both commercial and home audio, encompasses profound change in the character of the market place. For a company unshakably committed to a highly principled approach to design and engineering, remaining competitive has required a degree of adaptability behind the scenes. High fidelity domestic audio is one of the foundation stones upon which the company was built, and is a market becoming more specialised with every passing year. These changing demands made the decision to separate and relocate the Vitavox hi-fi loudspeakers division a natural one, and it now resides under our stewardship here at Octave Audio in Bristol, resting side by side with our custom audio development and manufacturing facilities.

I thank David Young and Neil Young, and all at Secomak for their assistance in ensuring continuity in engineering, method and personnel and look forward to the next exciting chapter in the Vitavox loudspeaker story, as we enter our ninth decade.

Mike Harvey
Octave Audio Ltd.

Foreword by David Young
Foreword by Neil Young

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